Exotic Abundance

The idea of exotic abundance is the creative thread that connects Margot McKinney’s striking creations.

“From my earliest memories, I’ve been drawn to the unique textures and vibrant colours you only find in the natural world. Wherever I go, whatever I see, certain images and the feelings they invoke seem to remain with me. I call on these memories when I am designing my jewellery. These visions – of a sea of flamingos in Tanzania, the green canopies of a rainforest, or the sparkling turquoise sea in East Arnhem Land – are the exotic inspirations behind my collection.”

Margot understands the power of connection, travelling the world to work with gem cutters and pearl merchants, many of whom have supplied the McKinney family for generations. Her masterpieces are rare, desirable and renowned for their ability to transcend the boundaries of fashion, inhabiting a style that is elegant, bold and timeless.

Quality, glamour and versatility are Margot’s guiding principles. Margot McKinney pieces are highly collectible, while remaining versatile enough to be worn from a family luncheon to a red carpet gala event