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Article: Fine Jewellery Exclusive Viewing at Neiman Marcus Atlanta

Fine Jewellery Exclusive Viewing at Neiman Marcus Atlanta

Fine Jewellery Exclusive Viewing at Neiman Marcus Atlanta

A unique collaboration between Margot McKinney Jewellery and Neiman Marcus, Atlanta.

Experience the tangible and immersive experience of our luxury Australian flagship store
– without the flight or the jet lag!

Neiman Marcus Atlanta
3393 Peachtree Rd NE
GA 30326, United States

Australian Boulder Opals

Emanating from deep under the ground of a rather desolate landscape, they look as if they were scooped out of the Great Barrier Reef.

This is probably because the phenomena that contributed to the formation of opal extends back to the Crustaceous period (145-54 million years ago) during which the interior of Australia was made up of an inland sea. 
It is estimated by experts to take as long as 5 million years to form a 1cm thick opal vein. This rather puts into perspective how rare, special and unique these opals are.
 Totem Earrings featuring a suite of Australian Boulder Opals enhanced with Diamonds, Blue and Yellow Sapphires, Tsavorite, Aquamarine and Peridot with Australian South Sea Pearl Drop, crafted in 18 Karat Yellow and White Gold. 030051 


 Australian Opal Ring with centre 11.22ct Australian Boulder Opal surrounded by diamonds, Tsavorite, Amethyst, Peridot and Pink and Purple Sapphires, crafted in 18 Karat Rose Gold. 070043

 Luminescent Earrings featuring Australian Lightning Ridge Boulder Opals 39.46ct surrounded by a myriad of Gemstones, crafted in 18 Karat Rose Gold. 030034

Contact Deborah Spirio:  + 1 617 470 8596.


Australian South Sea Pearls

“There is no doubt that an absolute highlight of my year is Pearl harvest season. How fortunate am I to have the finest pearls in the world almost on our doorstep.”
Margot McKinney OAM


Australia is the birthplace of the finest pearls in the world and the only place in the world where the mighty silver lipped Maxima Pinctada oyster grows.  The Australian pearling industry is very small and is tightly controlled by the Fisheries Department to ensure its sustainability. There are a very limited amount of pearl farms in Australia.  

South Sea pearls are some of the best in the world. Known for the quality of their lustre, complexion, colour, shape and size, they range from 10mm – the size of a garden pea 
– to a maximum of 25mm. 


South Sea Pearl Drop Earrings featuring a pair of Silver/Grey Cultured Baroque Pearls and two cushion Cabochon Blue Sapphires, enhanced with Diamonds, crafted in 18 Karat White Gold. 020333


Australian South Sea Pearl strand featuring twenty-three 15-16.5mm Baroque Pearls with 18 karat white gold hidden clasp. 130032 



Blossom Brooch Pendant, featuring a 42.69ct Australian South Sea pearl surrounded by a suite of Red and Green Tourmaline, Diamond, Tsavorite, Pink Sapphire, Amethyst, Peridot and Sapphire. Crafted in 18 Karat Yellow and Pink Gold. 270018

Contact Deborah Spirio:  + 1 617 4708596. 

GALA - Margot's World of Wonders

Gala – a celebration of colour and nature from Margot McKinney.  Margot’s signature vibrant designs, encompassing the most colourful of precious gems always bring to mind joyous occasions. Her rare and important gems are destined to become family treasures for generations to come. 

 Hearts Desire Earrings with golden heart-shaped South Sea Pearl tops featuring a pair of Rose de France Amethyst drops enhanced with Diamonds, Amethyst, Pink and Purple Sapphires, crafted in 18 Karat Rose Gold. 020073

“Purple Garden” perfect pair of Purple Spinel enhanced with Pink Sapphire, Amethyst, Tanzanite and Diamonds, crafted in 18 Karat Rose and White Gold. 010178


 Marbella Ring with Aquamarine Cabochon enhanced with Diamonds, Sapphires and Tsavorite, crafted in 18 Karat White Gold. 050186



Margot McKinney Jewellery is exclusively carried by the Neiman Marcus Group, inclusive of Bergdorf Goodman, in the US.

For more information, please contact: 



Deborah Spirio
+ 1 617 470 8596



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