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Article: Why Trees? For The Future

Why Trees? For The Future

Why Trees? For The Future

If you’re new to our community you might be wondering what One Hat Sold, Ten Trees Planted means. Four years ago we partnered with Trees For The Future (Trees) to embark on our tree planting journey and here’s why.

As humans, we’ve been taking from the earth forever and now it’s time to give back. For us, the idea about caring for the planet is the most powerful thing for us to perpetuate. By selling a product that acts as a vehicle to do so, gives us the opportunity to hand over the power of change to our customers and community!

 Trees are the building blocks to our ecological environment. As the biggest plants on the planet, they provide us with oxygen, store carbon, stabilise soil and give food and shelter to the world’s wildlife. They also provide nations with economic stability and not to mention, they’re incredibly intelligent!

 Originally, when we heard of the work that TFTF were doing, it made nothing but sense to be planting more trees. At this point in the early stages of business, our lofty dreams to stand up for mother nature and her part in the equation of business went from feeling impossible to suddenly being possible!

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