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Opulence Opal Collier

18k Yellow Gold Green Pearl, Opal and Gemstone Collier featuring nine 11-16mm Round Pistachio Green Pearls, set with five Solid Natural QLD Boulder Opals total weighing 38.35ct, 15=165.04ct pear shape, cushion and round cut Blue Zircons, 14=51.99ct pear shape, oval and cushion cut Yellow Beryl, 17=2.14ct H-I colour, VS clarity, round brilliant cut Diamonds, 2=0.79ct round cut Paraibas, 7=2.07ct round cut Demantoid Garnets, 2=8.20ct emerald cut Green Tourmalines, 35=2.14ct pear shape, oval and round cut Sapphires, 2=0.89ct oval cut Tanzanites, 27=5.43ct pear shape, oval and round cut Tsavorites and 5=3.25ct pear shape and oval cut Peridot.

Length: 16inches

SKU: 120018

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