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I'm A Fan Opal Pendant

Opal Pendant with Peridot Beads Drop featuring a Solid Queensland Boulder Opal of 33.14ct which is surrounded by 133 Diamonds 2.14ct, 169 Sapphire 8.19ct, 102 Orange Sapphire 2.33ct, 20 Yellow Sapphire 1.03ct, 166 Tsavorite 7.82ct, 42 Amethyst 0.93ct, 23 Peridot 5.65ct,32 Amethyst Beads 21.15ct, 381 Peridot Beads 166.05ct and 26 Blue Topaz beads 22.94ct. Pendant is suspended on an 18 Karat Yellow Gold curb chain 65cm long with two 3cm extension.   

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